Business API Stakeholders


APIs are a very technical and often abstract element of doing business, but is something that should be accessible both a technical audience, as well as more mainstream business stakeholders. The health and use of APIs is something that impacts everyone, and are behind almost every aspect of doing business online. One of the contributing factors to brittle, unreliable, and poorly designed APIs that don’t meet business requirements is an absence of business voices when it comes to their design, development, and delivery. Making API success in the next decade dependent on business stakeholders being more involved in how we deliver the API infrastructure behind our desktop, web, and mobile applications as well as system to system integrations.

It is common for IT, developer, and other more technical business units to establish a divide between what they do and what business groups do. It is also common for business users to shy away from understanding what is happening behind the applications they depend on each day, making for what seems to be a pretty large chasm to bridge within an organization when it comes to how APIs are defined, developed, and delivered. In the last decade this divide has begun to close because of more healthy, collaborative, and inclusive API design practices that ensure business and technical stakeholders are all available at the table to make sure everyones interests are considered. This is what API-first is all about, and Union Fashion is designed to help illustrate.

If you are API curious, and would like to understand more of what is happening behind the scenes when it comes to web and mobile applications, as well as integrations between all of the SaaS and other systems we use each day, we recommend subscribing to this blog, and follow us on Twitter. We also encourage you to poke around our GitHub repository. There is a lot more than code being stored in these repositories, and you will find much of the content, artifacts, and process behind Union Fashion published to GitHub. If you are a more business centered users we’d love to hear from you about what you think about APIs, and what you’d like to learn more about. This website is all about helping make sure you are up to speed with everything APIs, and helping shape the API conversation within your organization.