API Reference Implementation

Union Fashion is an API-first reference implementation to help demonstrate what is possible with APIs. Building out a series of API implentations that demonstrate how you can define, design, mock, documentation, and test your API infrastructure before you ever begin coding your APIs. Helping illustrate the technical details of how you can think about APIs, but also show the real world business postential of API-first.

Space Inspired E-Commerce

Union Fashion was born out of the solutions department at Postman. What Union Fashion is and does is still in flux, but at the moment it is a space inspired lifestyel e-commerce company looking to compete in the U.S. market, but has plans to break into other international markets with it's fashion vision. Union Fashion is all about showing how APIs can be used to drive a business model that most people will related.

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A Postman Vision

Union Fashion is a Postman side project that we are hoping will turn into something more. This reference implementation is built completely out in the open, tracking all the details via GitHub. If you want to roll up your and get involved feel free to head over to the GitHub repository and dive in on an issue.

API First

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