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Where you will learn about doing API-first that is designed for a non-developer audience.

We Are API-First at Union Fashion

One phrase you hear thrown around a lot in the API sector is API-First. It is a catchy phrase, but what does it mean? Well, at Union Fashion we have worked to provide our team with a definition of what it means, something that is rooted in read more

Business API Stakeholders

APIs are a very technical and often abstract element of doing business, but is something that should be accessible both a technical audience, as well as more mainstream business stakeholders. The health and use of APIs is something that impacts .. read more

Hello World Union Fashion

Welcome to Union Fashion, an API-first space inspired e-commerce implementation from Postman. The project was born out of our solutions group, but is being pushed forward as part of a public effort to evolve it as a reference implementation for .. read more